UPDATES: What we did

by on Aug.26, 2010, under Updates

***** Ill make this a sticky Eventually. I figured this will be a post we can carry a thread on. This is where we should keep notes on what we are  working on so that others may see…so toes do not get stepped on or someone fucks up what someone else did. *****

8/26/10 - Updated the current plugins.

Fucked around with catagories soem more. And widgets. Nothing I saved since it didnt seem proactive at the time. Meaning aint working.

Checked yourshitisweak.net’s server here


for any file that might of had a php or a .css I could change vi unix rather use fn wordpress  for the August – Current snafu I created :/ Found naada. WP ate them!!

Added the category Updates.  – 8/26/10

~ G

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