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So you wanna burn what?

by on Sep.10, 2010, under Current

Yeah its that crazyYou don’t believe in what I do so I’m going to burn YOUR book and then if that doesn’t work I’m going to um um um.
Fucking people, this is history looking like it’s going to repeat itself in some way. Sarah Palin there? Just a dramatic effect to make ya think if that looks believable or funny then there is a problem on both ends. The only thing burning a religious book or a non secular one achieves is a small attack to ones beliefs, be it against their lord or  Harry Potter.  And you think if burning books will be the answer you should check out   Fahrenheit 451 and see how well that went. Great flick and for your gods sake if you think its a Michael Moore film please ask your parents or your gran-folks what movie I’m talking about.  I say movie cause at this point mentioning its a better book might turn people off.  Just look at the fire and its mesmerizing flicker.  If you burn a book beacuse of what it holds is a Kindle or other type of e-book reader the next step? BURN ALL PDF FILES!!!

 Politics, Religion, Pop Culture, fucking.  Non of these are subjects that people want others to tell them how to do or not to do things concerning  such. But burning a book? Please, kids are no longer learning as it is and this isn’t a way to use books to teach a child.  People are stupid and lazy as is.

Freedom, sounds good but should I wait for the movie?  


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