FU Picz!!

Back in the day of the OG YSIW site we had readers send it pics of them flipping off the camera, below is how I’m going to start it again. And if you wish to have  your Fuck You pic added send it to grimm@yourshitisweak.net And I’ll add ya! Lost some of the old pics so starting again will be perfect!

Powered By Hate, down but not out!

Posted with Mrs. By Hates Permission




The Period

Named such beacuse thats how often he use to make an appearance ‘back in the day’

Big Daddy

No, writer Big Daddy is not saying FU to me, thats me flipping him off.


Missy Mason

My brother Jeff’s new Wife Missy, I love her to death.


FU from Hawaii


Old pic from Hawaii



Kronos-Mal: Thought it was worthy (by Nick Veasey)


mohawk + wedding + middle finger = win.

Mick Foley - Bill Czarnomski

KM: Old Sears Co-Worker and Foley Double – I think this was on the OG Site