“Every generation needs a new revolution.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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Nothing good can sit. It will stagnate. The norm becomes boring.  The ones who run our government beginning to think as kings or Czars. Everything in our government has been orchestrated. From the presidency of both Bush’s and even a few Pres before. You have to thank Haliburton for the current line up of our shitty government. Dick Cheney has placed himself within the DC circuit since…

November 21, 1975 – January 20, 1977 where he served under president Ford. And that’s not the end to his reign.

January 3, 1979 – March 20, 1989 Member of the House of Representatives.

January 3, 1989 – March 20, 1989 United states house of Rep minority whip.

March 20, 1989 – January 20, 1993 United States Secretary of Defense

January 20, 2001 – January 20, 2009 Vice President of the United States.

So if you follow the time line, Dick Cheney has had himself cemented in our countries affairs for to long.

He’s an emperor hidden behind a democracy. He knows more than most of our presidents do. And he has the bankroll to do as he wishes.

For more consipracy..when JFK was assasinated. Do you now who was the head of the CIA in Dallas at that time? George Bush SR. Is it a case of wash my hands and I’ll wash your hands.

Yes we need a revolution. I love my goverment but not the people who currently pulls its strings. So am I in love with the goverment or the idea of the goverment?

Our goverment is a smokescreen. They placate us with elections that they know the outcome. Easiest way to rule your servants is to keep them dumb, poor, sick, and wanting. With all the cuts that each state is doing we might just be like that.

NWO, yes New World Order.  There’s the EU, next we may become part of the NU, along with teh Chinese Union. I do not remember wich area’s makes that up. Us, in the North American Union along with Canada and Mexico. There is more, search and watch http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/


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So You Say You Want A Revolution?

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Well you know… we’d all want to change the world.

And now, it looks like that want is becoming a reality, at least across the Pond. Egypt. Tunisia. Libya. I’m sure I’m missing a few but these are the countries currently getting the most attention in the news. I have to say that this all brings out mixed emotions regarding the whole situation. It makes me believe in the people of the world, that we are not inactive and that we will stand up when change is necessary, no, required for our own well being. Yet it also reminds me that there are those individuals who would seek to exploit others for things that are so petty compared to the meaning of humanity. And after the old regimes are torn down, will the replacement be the answer the people need or will yet another potentially fouler institution come into being?

I applaud the citizens of these countries for making a stand. Not necessarily for whatever political movement they represent, although just freedoms are the most valued commodity that we all should strive to achieve. What I really admire is their knowledge that they risk everything in their protests. When it boils down to it I am an armchair protester/agitator who shouts his words across the digit media, safe behind a monitor far away from the threat. I might report on these world affairs, drawing attention to such events, but I rank noticeably lower than those on location reporters that risk their lives to get that word out first. I appear as just one amongst a legion of bloggers that seem to toss their two cents in on the latest news as if we are some authority on the subject.

But is that so bad? Being one of the uncountable masses feeding the media base on the subject? I think a good answer to that is when Egypt’s internet connectivity was shut off. How quickly did those crowds grow when that one outlet was removed, when an option to voice out was silenced? Courage to make change has to come from somewhere. Talking about current events and problems is just the start, vocalizing your concerns and angers might not get you out the door and campaigning for freedom but it can help push others in that direction. And when the avenue of speech is taken from you, then the only choices you have is to either join the protesters or keep your mouth shut and remain under the heel of those you wish to scream at.

I’ve been to Egypt, nearly a decade ago. Yes I saw the pyramids, the tombs, the big tourist stops. But I also bowed out of a mosque visit to just walk the streets, seeing the local kids who wanted to show off their English skills (perhaps even to get some coin from the visiting American). When a second stop to Alexandria was planned I stayed in Cairo, listening to the speakers crackle the evening prayers… soaking it all in and gaining some inspiration in my artwork. My point being that I have experienced a snippet of the underlying culture, seen some of the common folk. And I’ve seen the place that they lived in and, although beautiful and exotic, I could see – even before the events of this year – that it could be so much better for them. The Egyptian protests proves to me that they saw it too, for many years more than my two week visit.

So America, can we learn something from this? Don’t get me wrong. Stateside, we’ve seen a hefty shift in grassroots political movement – the Tea Party taking the top of the list. But is it the same thing? Are those people that really need significant change in those crowds, letting their voice be heard to provide the just freedoms they deserve? Or are they an easily motivated and mobilized herd that the same political figures are stirring up to make “changes” towards the same situation with a different name? Are the politicians they got elected pushing for a better tomorrow for all the citizens of the United States or are these new representatives ripping apart beneficial policies in the name of change alone?

I think the people that really need the change either have no way to voice their frustrations or have resigned themselves to closed mouths and internal ranting. So, when it boils down to it, I don’t feel that bad about being a faceless digital agitator.

Although that might change if someone decided to take away my voice…

“Rambling Incoherently since 1973″

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The Time Has Come

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If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know I have a sick habit of wading through the Slime that spews out of D.C. It’s like a Train wreck! I can’t help looking…..

I’ve been burning for a cause I could get behind, or any way to make a real difference. So, you can imagine my surprise when the solution came waltzing (or should I say CRASHING) out of England.

UK Uncut began in a Pub, where many good ideas have been started throughout History! A group of friends started bitching about the fact that, at the same time that education and other social programs are being cut, there are many corporations that owe billions in taxes, or hide billions in legal off-shore tax havens. If these guys paid a fair and proper amount of tax, those programs would not have to be cut.

It worked! UK Uncut has staged a number of protests across the U.K. since December, and their government is paying attention! And the corporations were taken completely by surprise. UK Uncut stage the protests in chain stores connected to the corporations that owe or hide money. The key is to equate Company X’s “savings” to a specific cut to a program that benefits the People. And do it in a very creative, visible way.

You can imagine my excitement while reading up on these guys! I thought it was the greatest idea on the face of the planet!! No Democrat or Republican horse shit. No divisive rhetoric. Just pay your fair share, Assholes!

The Working Class in this country is taking a beating. The shitheads in D.C. couldn’t give the working folk a tax break extension, without pandering to their corporate overlords. That tax extension for the top 2% is costing us, by some estimates, up to $30 BILLION a year. And guess what? Those 2%ers don’t give a shit if the feds have to cut Headstart funding by $1 billion. They don’t care if the Pell Grant program has to be cut by $5.7 billion. They also don’t care about cutting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by $755 million (I guess they’ll all be in their hermetically-sealed luxury hotels when the Plague hits). These are just a few of the cuts proposed, the sacrifices that must be made by 98% of us, according to our fearless leaders.

At the same time all these cuts are being proposed, 83 of the top 100 corporations in the U.S. are paying no federal taxes to speak of.
Exxon-Mobile made $37.3 BILLION in profits for 2009, yet paid NO FEDERAL TAXES! That’s not even mentioning the approximate $1.4 billion it gets in subsidies from, oh yeah , US, the U.S. tax payers!
Bank of America made $4.4 billion in profit in 2009, but, again, paid No Taxes. That’s not even mentioning their 115 off-shore tax shelters (59 in one building in the Cayman Islands). And that’s STILL not mentioning the TARP bailout, out of which they got $45 billion of OUR hard-earned dollars. And even FURTHER not mentioning the fact that they are STEALING PEOPLE’S HOUSES through fraudulent foreclosure practices (a federal judge just ruled on that).

So, what’s an angry, Middle Class mom to do?

I’ll tell you what I did :)

I started U.S. Uncut-Michigan. We are in the loop with the national website (started a couple days before us) usuncut.org, and their Facebook page. We are the official page for US Uncut in Michigan! We’ve gotten 38 folks in less than a week, and gathering more every day! We have an email address and we are on Facebook and Twitter.

If you think it’s unfair to cut federal programs that benefit everybody, while letting companies who are making billions in profits off the tax hook, then JOIN US! A Day of Action has been declared on Feb. 26th. The target–Big Banksters. (I’ll give you 3 guesses which one, and the first two don’t count!) If I have to stand there by myself, I WILL!

U.S. Uncut-Michigan
on Facebook and Twitter
U.S Uncut/America Uncut
also on Facebook and Twitter

Many other state and city groups are getting started! There is US Uncut-Chicago, US Uncut-DC, US Uncut-Mississippi, U.S Uncut-California, Brooklyn Uncut, U.S. Uncut-NYC, U.S. Uncut-Seattle……..The list grows EVERY DAY!

Our latest flier

There IS something we can do about this fucking mess! We can STAND UP! And stop letting the Corporatocracy divide us!!

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