What if….

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…Social Sec and medicare are pulled. How many people are not going to be able to pay for their medical insurance and prescriptions. Other bills may also be hard for people to pay for, so in a sense not just the individual person is suffering but the companies that prey on the sick and elderly for payments.
Yeah sorta stepped in a tangent.
Families are going to be hurt and suffer while the rich and Republican big wigs sit back.

Not only are the reps holding our country hostage in spite of a Dem president. They should fucking work with the president. Yeah maybe they want to make it so the president is the bad guy, unable to run and help our country and the people within.
Fuck you Republicans. Deal with it and help us. I don’t think I can trust a Republican ever again. Shit I can’t remember one I did. Look at our current line up for a possible president. They are all jokes.
Again Fuck them.

Support our President!!!!!!


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Slow on postings

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Sorry folks, a slow down on YSIW has hit. I blame the heat..yeah that’s the ticket.

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Nuff said

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Yep she meant the Duke.

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Clarence Clemons Dead at 69

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(CNN) — Legendary rock saxophonist Clarence Clemons died Saturday of complications from a stroke, bandmate Bruce Springsteen said. He was 69.

Just about a good majority of people in the USA and the world have heard of him, and more have HEARD him. Bruce Springstien and the E street band was the ship he sailed on.

Clemons had played sax in Springsteen’s E Street Band off and on since 1972.
Gone but not forgotten!

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What’s on MyPlate?

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We are to no longer feel the crack of the whip as we toil over the almighty food pyramid. There will no longer be some monolithic structure that we must divine our way towards a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. Instead, we shall dine on a plate and a coaster; such a simple way to live life within our dietary needs.

And this is going to help out… how?

Admittedly the way that the food pyramid had evolved was, from a visual standpoint, awkward. Really, what’s that yellow stripe suppose to be? Dietary supplements? Chemical additives? How much organic food you should eat? But if people would pay attention to fractions in math class, it was a decent albeit feeble attempt at setting a nutritional standard. Although I have to admit that it was a cluttered mess yet, if dietary views changes, all you had to do is adjust the size of the wedges.

Now on to the plate, America’s new guide to healthy eating.  Can you say “built for the social network crowd”? Look at those big, shiny, button-like shapes; as if the design was created for those with the lowest level of brain activity. I would have said “for children” but let’s face it, when it comes to eating, America shovels it into their gullets like the end of the world was upon us (even before the Mayans became a hype point). See, it is the same things as the pyramid: fractions. But this way, we can each have a MyPlate graphic on each dish we own so we can organize our food appropriately. I guess I’ll have to trim that slice of cheese and set it off to the side – it is dairy, can’t go on my burger.

Maybe I’m taking this thing too personally. If it took a graphic designer to come up with this then where’s my government job? I could have pulled that look off in my sleep.

What it boils down to is this: it is going to take more than just a whiz-bang graphic to get Joe and Jane America to eat healthy. Education, activity,  and financial accessibility is needed to get the United States back to its fighting weight. Teach them at a young age, get them outside and away from the idiot boxes (TV, computer, cell phone), and it wouldn’t hurt to make the good food a little cheaper… not everyone can afford organic and/or choice food products. And those first two points – education and activity – start at the home. I want to add common sense to my list but, well… one miracle at a time.

Now if you look at my forehead, you’ll see the Hypocrite Stamp of Approval. Yeah, I’m another American who is above the average weight these dietary standards set. But that stamp mark is fading; I’m trying to eat smaller portions, to be active regularly, and I’d like to buy better food (once I have the cash). At least I’m making an effort. Hell, there is someone on this site that is doing more than trying. They are doing. And I can’t give that person enough credit (you know who you are, and well done – keep it up). And I don’t think MyPlate had anything to do with it.

It just goes to show you that it doesn’t take a fancy hip logo to get you eating right. All you need is your brain to be on the right page and dedication in your heart to do the right thing for yourself. Although, I guess that firing a clown is another way too.

“Rambling Incoherently since 1973″

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RIP Jack

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Jack Kevorkian Dies At 83
Nope he didn’t have another person’s help. It was his time.
If you agree with what he did or not he opened peoples eyes to the suffering many people go through.
Currently there are over 13 countries that suicide and assisted suicide is legal, Canada being one.

Three of our states find it’s legal. Below is snagged from wiki.
“United States
Main article: Assisted suicide in the United States

Assisted suicide is legal in the three American states of Oregon (via the Oregon Death with Dignity Act[34] ), Washington (by Washington Death with Dignity Act), and Montana (through the 2009 trial court ruling Baxter v. Montana). There are relatively substantial barriers to the use of some of these provisions.

For instance, Oregon requires a physician to prescribe medication but it must be self-administered. The prognosis must be for a life span of 6 months or less. The person must be a ‘resident’ of Oregon. A written request for prescription and two oral requests from the patient are also needed to escape criminal liability, plus written confirmation by doctor that the act is voluntary and informed. This limited model has withstood Constitutional scrutiny: Gonzales v Oregon 368 F. 3d 1118 (2004),[35] affirmed by 546 U.S. 243 (2006)”

Yes I think its a weak way out. BUT some people the ones who are suffering with no way out, I guess that is an exemption.


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Sarah Palin

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Yep, she’d make a good prez in 2012. Sad thing is people vote for dumb. Alaska sorry I know her chest is ample and a distraction don’t let it happen again. And for the people who think of voting for her Im sure you support gun freedom, put that gun somewhere vital upon your person and um..yeah. (I have no problem with gun rights, I support them)
The above was also posted on the social soul stealing site Facebook.

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Social Media Sites

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I know things have been slow around here. Back in the day, that’s 11 years ago we use to pump out like 3 or 4 weak ass posts a day. But Facebook and other social media pages have put a dent in our affairs here at YSIW.
What do you mean by that Grimm? Well everyone has their own outlet to bitch and scream through. Thats what YSIW was and still is, a portal to bitch and grumble thorough. Back in the day I was chained to a desk and part of my routine was to make sure I found some shit to write about. I’m no longer chained to a desk and I’m not online as much as I use to be.
Why the weak ass excuses? I’m pretty happy to see people bitch and rattle things up over on their social media site of choice. Why? What was done here ‘back in the day’ is no longer one of the few sites that pointed out dumb and weak shit.
Now peoples eyes are open and that leads to their voices being heard. Whoot people!

Their is so much shit that can be considered weak going on right not. From governors slowly taking over their states to Lindsey Lohan under house arrest at a beach house. Dictators dodging the world, pills that fix everything, Oprah, Winehouse back in rehab, NASCAR still around, I could go on but I think I’m starting to depress myself and that ain’t so cool.


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Pageant Parent of the Day

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Got this link from a past writer of YSIW. Thanks Negative Vibe Merchant for your talent at finding absurd weak ass shit.

What is there to write about this? The vid explains it all. And I agree with a comment I read. Lady says everyone is doing it. What I agree on is the fact that just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it ok. Or am the only one who remembers being told that isn’t a good excuse?

Come on, botox? The child will be mentally if not physically scared due to this.


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American Fascism

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Hey, you Tea Partiers! I’ve got something to say!

There is a PRIME example of Taxation without Representation going on RIGHT NOW!

Benton Harbor, MI…..Ever heard of it??

I was in Benton Harbor today. Guess what? I didn’t see ONE Tea Partier.

Not Fucking ONE!


If you do not READ, you may not have realized WTF is actually going on in Michigan. If you have not read the ACTUAL EFM law, you really need to!

This is a serious Threat! To every city in Michigan and America!
Once an Emergency Financial Manager (or “corporate entity”) takes over YOUR city, they can…..Sell city property (you like your library? don’t make enough Profit..) privatize city services (how much do you spend for trash disposal, right now? How about Police or Fire coverage? Is there a ‘price’ you can put on that? If YOUR house was on fire, how much would you, COULD you, pay to put it out?), fire your elected officials (even if YOU voted for them), and break contracts. I got news for you….a mortgage is a contract. A rental agreement is a CONTRACT.
Guess what? It is not JUST public union workers who get completely screwed by breaking contracts!

And, I’m sorry, but I still Cannot blame TEACHERS, COPS, and FIREFIGHTERS for the situation our country is in. I’d rather blame the REAL culprits–Wall Street, BOUGHT Politicians (including BOTH Parties, YOU SUCK!), Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, hedge fund managers, and the Big Banksters (with the help of the Fed and the Chamber of Commerce).

WAKE UP, America!

What’s going on in Benton Harbor is Taxation without Representation!

If it was YOUR city, you’d give a shit. Right?
Well, guess what? If you live downriver from Detroit, you better check that EFM list. You just may be in for a Horrible Surprise.

Wall Street is drooling over this legislation. They are sending their Best and Brightest to EFM School here in Michigan. Who wouldn’t want to have Absolute Power over an entire CITY?!

This is FASCISM, Folks. A unity of corporate and political power. To grab complete control of our Democracy.

They’ve already hypnotized a majority.

Are you asleep? WAKE THE FUCK UP!

We fought a revolution over less!

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