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Thieves, Liars, and Fascists

by on Aug.24, 2011, under Current

Puff, puff…..Kiss my ASS, MI GOP.

We have a Serious Problem…..We have an extreme political party gaining FAR too much power. The Far Right/Tea Party.

In 2008, we in Michigan voted to partially legalize marijuana. Signatures were collected, it was put on the ballot, and the law passed-63% approved. That is over 2/3 of the folks who voted.
I want to state that I think making it a medical issue was, and IS ridiculous. But it was passed that way, because the state had to have their TOLL. And the government had to be able to intrude even further into our lives. It had MASSIVE restrictions. But it was a baby step. They granted SOME of us (people with sickness and pain) the privilege of smoking a joint in our kitchens, without the fear that the door would be kicked in and our lives and livelihoods, our families and possessions would be taken by the state.

It was a small victory…..Because folks were getting in trouble for possession even if they were registered. Dispensaries were raided, illegally in some cases. We still had scant protection.
Now, these New Party politicians in MI have been “reviewing” marijuana law. And they’ve decided to close dispensaries. So they bought their judges, and did just did it.

In 2010, the Tea Party GOP won a majority across the board in our state. They immediately began to change the laws drastically. They paid off their corporate donors first, through billions in tax breaks. Then these GOPsters (rich politicians/former CEOs/or bought) said “We’re Broke, but YOU get sacrificed”, and they start taxing old folks (poor old folks) and cutting education (which they can afford), cutting public services (which they don’t need). Undermining our our very democracy with corporate-written legislation like the Emergency Manager Law (which they intend to Profit from).

That’s not the worst aspect. Now that they’ve paid their donors back, stolen even more of our wealth, and have reduced our right to stop them (EM Law), these Bastards are now getting into their Social Agenda.

These RW Fascists (look it up, it fits) want to make anything they don’t like into criminal activity. Whether it’s abortion, gay marriage, smoking a joint, or NPR. The problem is, they will always find new things to hate, and it will never stop.
Every time this New Party takes anything away, they’ve already planned ahead for the next thing they are going to take. The ‘thing’ they take is something you may not like. So be it, but think about this–the next ‘thing’ might be something you DO like.

These Lunatics, across the country, have shown us WHO they don’t like, through the legislation they are shoving down our throats.
They do not like women, workers, the poor, the elderly, students, teachers, the disabled, gays, 911 workers, pot smokers, homeowners, immigrants, public employees, activists of any sort, Muslims, anyone who works at WalMart and McDonalds, and anyone who isn’t a God-fearing Bible-thumping Christian.
EVEN THE VERY SOLDIERS they send to War from behind their Mahogany desks, in the name of Profit and Empire.
That’s a pretty big majority of Americans, if you consider women alone.

The New Party is already working on the wall between Church and State, with their moral legislation. (This is the Scary Bit)
A Few Examples:
Today they ban abortion, tomorrow they ban contraceptives. Then they ban homosexuality and sex outside of marriage, and begin the Burning Times again.
Today they allow group prayer in schools, tomorrow teaching Creationism in school, then suddenly church attendance is mandatory. Burn the Heritics.
Today, they are ‘defending’ America from terrorists. Tomorrow they ban protests and privacy. Next week they declare martial law. Next month, they start the Crusades back up. Burn, Baby, Burn.

Extreme? If you think so, you need to wake up and take a look around. And read a little HISTORY, because this Crazy Shit has happened a few times before.

The point is, YOU may not smoke pot. You may not like it. You may not believe in abortion, that’s your Right. So these policies may not be affecting you. You may not be gay, so who cares, right?
You may be a Christian, if so, fine with me. You may never try to push your religion on others, even better with me.
But when politics and religion mix, it gets Ugly. And THAT is what is happening in America. What kind of separation of state is there, when major politicians are serving thier corporate masters, legislating morality, and, literally, praying for rain?

The problem is, EVERYBODY does something that someone else doesn’t like.
Today pot, tomorrow liquor…….next month, mandatory pharmaceuticals. The Lord knows all those people in pain need their Vicodin and Zoloft. For a hefty Profit, of course. Thank you Brother Pharma!

The New Party will get around to ‘not liking’ Everybody, eventually.
Even You

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American Fascism

by on May.08, 2011, under Current

Hey, you Tea Partiers! I’ve got something to say!

There is a PRIME example of Taxation without Representation going on RIGHT NOW!

Benton Harbor, MI…..Ever heard of it??

I was in Benton Harbor today. Guess what? I didn’t see ONE Tea Partier.

Not Fucking ONE!


If you do not READ, you may not have realized WTF is actually going on in Michigan. If you have not read the ACTUAL EFM law, you really need to!

This is a serious Threat! To every city in Michigan and America!
Once an Emergency Financial Manager (or “corporate entity”) takes over YOUR city, they can…..Sell city property (you like your library? don’t make enough Profit..) privatize city services (how much do you spend for trash disposal, right now? How about Police or Fire coverage? Is there a ‘price’ you can put on that? If YOUR house was on fire, how much would you, COULD you, pay to put it out?), fire your elected officials (even if YOU voted for them), and break contracts. I got news for you….a mortgage is a contract. A rental agreement is a CONTRACT.
Guess what? It is not JUST public union workers who get completely screwed by breaking contracts!

And, I’m sorry, but I still Cannot blame TEACHERS, COPS, and FIREFIGHTERS for the situation our country is in. I’d rather blame the REAL culprits–Wall Street, BOUGHT Politicians (including BOTH Parties, YOU SUCK!), Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, hedge fund managers, and the Big Banksters (with the help of the Fed and the Chamber of Commerce).

WAKE UP, America!

What’s going on in Benton Harbor is Taxation without Representation!

If it was YOUR city, you’d give a shit. Right?
Well, guess what? If you live downriver from Detroit, you better check that EFM list. You just may be in for a Horrible Surprise.

Wall Street is drooling over this legislation. They are sending their Best and Brightest to EFM School here in Michigan. Who wouldn’t want to have Absolute Power over an entire CITY?!

This is FASCISM, Folks. A unity of corporate and political power. To grab complete control of our Democracy.

They’ve already hypnotized a majority.

Are you asleep? WAKE THE FUCK UP!

We fought a revolution over less!

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United We Stand, Divided We Beg

by on Mar.19, 2011, under Current

US Uncut-Michigan is rolling! We’ve gained well over 100 folks in the last week (we are about to pass 340). We’ve been adding our numbers to the protests in Lansing against “King” Snyder and his top heavy proposals! And many protests there have been! With more being planned for the next few weeks!

Looks like Michigan is waking up!

Grimm sums the Emergency Manager bill up very well. YES, the Emergency Manager bill is ‘That Bad’! In fact, it may be even worse, considering that corporate personhood opens up a loophole that may see CORPORATE ENTITIES put in charge of “failing” communities and school districts.

And his budget proposal gives an 86% ($1.8 billion) tax break to big businesses, while increasing taxes on Seniors and the working people by $1.75 billion! With NO Guarantee that those businesses will use the tax break for job creation! The budget also cuts K-12 education by up to $500 per student. Opposing the Governerd has become a top priority with our group!

No Worries :) We have not forgotten Bank of America. We have an action planned for Mar. 26th in Ann Arbor! Check our FB page if you are interested. And many US Uncut protests are planned for across the country over the next month!

It’s the Working Folks vs. the Top 1-2%. If you aren’t with that 2%, you should be with us!

Here’s some video from Lansing on Mar. 16th….Even the “Koch Bros.” were there ;)

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Time to Stand Up!

by on Mar.01, 2011, under Current

On Saturday, Feb. 26th, US Uncut-Michigan staged our first protest. About fourteen folks showed up at the Bank of America branch in Lansing. Fourteen’s not bad…..In fact it’s good! One week before, I thought I’d be standing there alone!

A month before that, I would have laughed if someone had told me I would be standing there at all! But, things change and the word has spread! We have over 200 on the FB page now, and over 75 folks are attending the next rally in Lansing on the 14th!

To say that my faith in Humanity has been restored MAY be pushing it ;) However, my estimation of Humanity has definitely risen!

My fourteen brave Minions and I stood before that bank with our signs and spoke out. Folks honked horns for us, and a few stopped for a flyer. At noon, we walked over to join the American Dream/Union protest. We had much in common. First and foremost, we are ALL working people, whether union or non-union, employed or looking for work, students and teachers. And we all work damn hard for what we have!

And, we all agree that corporations have bought our political system! We are no longer properly represented in Washington!

Unions are last group standing up for everyday working folk! If there were no unions, corporations would have us working 7 days a week, 12 hours for just enough cash to eat. The change would happen quickly and affect EVERYBODY, union or not. They could fire you for no reason, cut your pay when they want to, force you to work 12-14 hours. Production should go through the roof! Good for the Company!
No more safety problems, either! You either work in an environment that may kill or injure you, or go starve somewhere else. Not the company’s problem. Safety takes away from the Bottom Line, you see.

Some of our representatives want you to blame teachers, and firefighters, and the police for our economic troubles. They say that these public workers make “too much”. That is why their unions must be brought down, so they cannot negotiate such shamefully high wages.

Oh, Really….

Average teachers salary in Michigan- $58,000
Detroit teachers-$41,000

Average firefighters salary in Michigan-$41,000

Average police officer in Michigan-$41,000

Corporations, err, I mean the Government says that’s too much. Too much to pay for an education for our children. Too much pay for people who help others every day. Too much for putting their actual lives on the line, in some cases.

Yet look at some of these figures…

The top 25 hedge fund mangers earned, on average, $540 million EACH in 2006.

In 2009 the average salary for Fortune 500 CEOs was $1 million, which doesn’t include their “stock awards”. The average stock award was $2.6 million.

Senators do pretty well, also. In 2008 two-thirds of all Senators were millionaires. Average net worth of our representatives was $14 million.

No wonder the government has no interest in the workers, they HAVE money and jobs. The system is working nicely, for them. Tax havens and ALL! Especially, with that revolving door between DC and Wall Street…

When I was a kid, teachers, firemen, and policemen were the Heroes. Now, our government wants us to look down on them as greedy? For making $40,000 a year? That is not a Fat Cat wage, even including their pensions (which they pay into, it’s NOT free money from the government!)

I think we know who the REAL Fat Cats are….

Join US Uncut! Find an action near you on the site, there are chapters across the country now!
If you are in Michigan, join us on the 15th in Lansing!
Details are on U.S Uncut-Michigan on FB.
Or email us at

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The Time Has Come

by on Feb.16, 2011, under Current, Polotics

If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know I have a sick habit of wading through the Slime that spews out of D.C. It’s like a Train wreck! I can’t help looking…..

I’ve been burning for a cause I could get behind, or any way to make a real difference. So, you can imagine my surprise when the solution came waltzing (or should I say CRASHING) out of England.

UK Uncut began in a Pub, where many good ideas have been started throughout History! A group of friends started bitching about the fact that, at the same time that education and other social programs are being cut, there are many corporations that owe billions in taxes, or hide billions in legal off-shore tax havens. If these guys paid a fair and proper amount of tax, those programs would not have to be cut.

It worked! UK Uncut has staged a number of protests across the U.K. since December, and their government is paying attention! And the corporations were taken completely by surprise. UK Uncut stage the protests in chain stores connected to the corporations that owe or hide money. The key is to equate Company X’s “savings” to a specific cut to a program that benefits the People. And do it in a very creative, visible way.

You can imagine my excitement while reading up on these guys! I thought it was the greatest idea on the face of the planet!! No Democrat or Republican horse shit. No divisive rhetoric. Just pay your fair share, Assholes!

The Working Class in this country is taking a beating. The shitheads in D.C. couldn’t give the working folk a tax break extension, without pandering to their corporate overlords. That tax extension for the top 2% is costing us, by some estimates, up to $30 BILLION a year. And guess what? Those 2%ers don’t give a shit if the feds have to cut Headstart funding by $1 billion. They don’t care if the Pell Grant program has to be cut by $5.7 billion. They also don’t care about cutting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by $755 million (I guess they’ll all be in their hermetically-sealed luxury hotels when the Plague hits). These are just a few of the cuts proposed, the sacrifices that must be made by 98% of us, according to our fearless leaders.

At the same time all these cuts are being proposed, 83 of the top 100 corporations in the U.S. are paying no federal taxes to speak of.
Exxon-Mobile made $37.3 BILLION in profits for 2009, yet paid NO FEDERAL TAXES! That’s not even mentioning the approximate $1.4 billion it gets in subsidies from, oh yeah , US, the U.S. tax payers!
Bank of America made $4.4 billion in profit in 2009, but, again, paid No Taxes. That’s not even mentioning their 115 off-shore tax shelters (59 in one building in the Cayman Islands). And that’s STILL not mentioning the TARP bailout, out of which they got $45 billion of OUR hard-earned dollars. And even FURTHER not mentioning the fact that they are STEALING PEOPLE’S HOUSES through fraudulent foreclosure practices (a federal judge just ruled on that).

So, what’s an angry, Middle Class mom to do?

I’ll tell you what I did :)

I started U.S. Uncut-Michigan. We are in the loop with the national website (started a couple days before us), and their Facebook page. We are the official page for US Uncut in Michigan! We’ve gotten 38 folks in less than a week, and gathering more every day! We have an email address and we are on Facebook and Twitter.

If you think it’s unfair to cut federal programs that benefit everybody, while letting companies who are making billions in profits off the tax hook, then JOIN US! A Day of Action has been declared on Feb. 26th. The target–Big Banksters. (I’ll give you 3 guesses which one, and the first two don’t count!) If I have to stand there by myself, I WILL!

U.S. Uncut-Michigan
on Facebook and Twitter
U.S Uncut/America Uncut
also on Facebook and Twitter

Many other state and city groups are getting started! There is US Uncut-Chicago, US Uncut-DC, US Uncut-Mississippi, U.S Uncut-California, Brooklyn Uncut, U.S. Uncut-NYC, U.S. Uncut-Seattle……..The list grows EVERY DAY!

Our latest flier

There IS something we can do about this fucking mess! We can STAND UP! And stop letting the Corporatocracy divide us!!

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Our Government’s Military Debt Addiction

by on Jan.30, 2011, under Current

America’s debt is outrageous, and the government says WE need to make “sacrifices”. I think the average American has sacrificed enough…..Our jobs, our standard of living, our homes, AND our brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, and children in uniform. The American government, our Ruling Class, needs to get their collective heads out of their collective Asses.
Wake up and smell the Torches, Ritchie Rich!

Ending the ridiculous Wars for Oil would be a good start….


3 trillion for a war no one wins
547 million P.R. money to sell us on the war
100 million security contract in Afghanista­­­n to XE aka backwater
840 billion a year on an overblown wasteful military
8 billion for a missile defense system in Israel
27 billion to our mercenary army
51 billion to military no bid contracts
6 billion to backwater to train cops in Iraq
7.5billion aid for Pakistan
500 million dollar planes that cannot fly in the rain
$$ a navy eleven times the size of the next nation
$$ spending more than the next 15 nations combined on military
9 billion to Israel so they can have national health care
7 billion to Egypt to not attack Israel
7 billion to Jordan for the same reason
1.5 billion for a new embassy in Iraq
1.2 billion over five years to boost Yemen’s security forces
60 billion training and supporting Afghan troops
new guns for war 12,500 — at a price tag of 25,000 to 30,000 dollars each

As of January 11, 2010, 10,082 American soldiers have been wounded in action in Afghanistan.

As of July 2, 2010, the United States’ Department of Defense lists 1,057 service members as having died in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.

U.S. Troop Casualties in Iraq War – 4,433

U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq War – 32,006

Not to mention all the civilian casualties in these countries….

We, the People, have sacrificed enough. It’s time for our Ruling Elite to start making some sacrifices. All we asked them for was a small tax increase of 3%. On a small part of their REAL income. The really small part their gangs of personal accountants can’t hide.
And they said NO.
NO to help for the unemployed, and NO to a small tax break for the working majority. NO, to decent health care for all.
NO, NO, NO, because how dare we touch their money! They NEED 4 houses, they NEED their private planes. They shouldn’t have to invest in public education, after all, their kids don’t go to public schools. The roads are bad? So what, they can buy a brand new car (or 2) every year. Lack of police and other services? Who cares? It won’t affect them in their gated communities….

No more working class blood for oil!!!

Then they flush OUR money down the drain, and use it to boost these wars of aggression and greed. Wars in which the majority of the troops come from the working class. We take the casualties, They take the profits.

Wake UP, People!

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Thoughts on Tuscon

by on Jan.11, 2011, under Current

First and foremost, the Tuscon Shooting is a great tragedy. The assassination of a fresh, young, representative of the People, the kind representative we need in DC. The murder of a little girl, and four others.

Representative Giffords

The reactions this has sparked are widely varied, aside from sympathy for the victims and their families.

We don’t know the reason it happened, we may NEVER figure out why Loughner did this. In my opinion, he is a Class A Looney, and it’s difficult inflict reason on a crazy motivation.

But that doesn’t stop the Spin. Whether it’s the corporatized Media, or our corporatized Politicians. Gotta take advantage of the situation…….Even though, the Media and Shitty Politicians are the root cause.

Not because of Palin or “angry” rhetoric itself. Those are also RESULTS of the situation, along with Loughner and the crime he committed.

There are always going to be extreme Psychos in society. While more “health care and intervention” for them would be great, maybe the folks in DC should have thought about THAT when they watered-down the Health Care Bill.

And bringing up Gun Law….well, who doesn’t want stop looneys from getting automatic weapons.
Three Things….
1. Criminals and loonies are not big followers of Law. All new gun legislation would do is restrict , again, law-following citizens.
2. Not all loonies get psychiatric help. SOME loonies never see a psychiatrist in their lives. Usually some of the WORST ONES! So what good would new legislation do? Nothing, and cost Congress money and time, at a time when there are FAR more pressing problems with the economy alone.
3. Crazy people do not need guns to kill people.

But there is one nugget nobody wants to bring up. Palin’s “bull’s eyes”, and Jesse Kelly’s M16 stunt, and all the other garbage that politicians have been spouting APPEAL to people right now. And, Such language works people up, and gets them motivated which helps the politicians.
So they use it. But there seems to something the idiots in DC don’t realize…….This shit appeals to people because there IS a great deal of LEGITIMATE Anger about the direction our representatives are taking us. Folks ARE pissed at the government. And, Damn Right, we should be!

There are always going to be folks who come unhinged easily, in any society. And when the frustration levels rise, they are more apt to snap. When you have nothing left to lose (our rights, our jobs, our homes?) even the most stable person can get a little Psychotic.

Some Politicians, in the name of Greed, have caused many of the problems we face. They are starting to reap what they’ve sown, not from angry speech, but from POLICY! Policies that have left us stranded in two wars for natural resources. Left us in a class war by deregulation, which has concentrated wealth for an extremely small minority at the “top” of our society. Policies which protect huge corporations as “persons” with better rights than humans. A monstrous debt, personal and national. Policies that undercut workers by sending their jobs overseas. Policies that perpetuate inequality and fear.

But Anger sells…..

My thoughts are with Rep. Giffords, and the news is she is getting better. By all accounts, she is an outstanding woman, in no way corrupted by the DC system. She was at that parking lot to meet with the people, to listen, and to try and help. In other words, doing her job! Not throwing spin and garbage onto the airwaves, all in the name of her next campaign contributors. I hope the rest of Congress uses this as a time to look at their OWN consciences. And their own portion of responsibility for this tragedy. I hope the corrupt politicians in Congress realize, their disgusting plays for more personal power and wealth are quite “transparent” to the People of this country.

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The Drugging of America

by on Dec.16, 2010, under Current

As some of you know, I was diagnosed as bipolar about 12 years ago. We always knew SOMETHING was up with my incredibly wild mood swings and the angry mania that often grips me. It took three psychiatrists before I found one who didn’t want to turn me into a medicated zombie.

After I had my first child, I suffered post partum psychosis. This is MUCH worse than the typical “Baby Blues”. To this day, huge tracts of my memory from the first 6 months of my son’s life are just black. I was put on Zoloft for the depression. And it DID help me rise up out of the serious low I was in. (It didn’t help that my son screamed like a demon for the first four months of his life, what a welcome to motherhood I got!)

HOWEVER! My psychiatrist wants me to keep taking this drug, even though my son is now 8. I am not depressed, in fact I have been taking less and less Zoloft. And you know what’s funny? I feel better all the time. So, I have decided to go “off my meds”.

This whole situation has made me question the roll of pharmaceuticals in America. How many folks do you know on anti-depressants? I know quite a few, and, No, I didn’t meet them at the psychiatrist’s office. They are family members, and friends and their family members. MANY people are taking these meds. Many of these drugs are extremely bad for you, Paxil is one that comes to mind. And many of them CAUSE suicidal thoughts.

All this “medicating” may explain why Americans are “calm as Hindu cows” about the state of our country. Sure, the state of the country could be causing the depression in the first place. At the very least, the pharmaceutical giants are profiting from the shitty atmosphere we all live in. At the very worse, perhaps they like it this way.

I’ve been trying to figure out why more Americans are not completely pissed off at our Corporatocracy. It baffles me that more folk aren’t completely up in arms. It seems the protest spirit of the 60′s is dead.

But maybe people are just taking their Happy Pills.

Why would the FDA give the OK to put these drugs on the market even though many of them have horrifying side effects? How many drug recalls do we see on the news every week? How many do we NOT hear about? How many drugs are not being recalled but should be? How many commercials do you see on the evening news for drugs? A lot.

Maybe the government IS drugging the American People, with the help of our family physicians and the Corporations, whom we KNOW are all about profits not results. Drugging us at our request. To keep us calm.

Perhaps those Happy Pills are keeping a revolution at bay.

Something to think about before you fill that RX.

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Holiday Rant 2010

by on Dec.01, 2010, under Current


The Holiday of GREED!

A little Truth now, People!

The Roman Catholic Church STOLE a pagan event! Actually, TWO events–the Winter Solstice and Yule! And they did it to control the people! Back (way back) in the day, ya got ONE gift, just a token gift to supposedly represent the gifts brought to to cute little Baby J. (just another Myth in my opinion, but we won’t get into THAT)

NOW, thanks to our growing Corporatocracy, it’s all tied into mass consumption and social standing! All you hear is BUY BUY BUY! From the day after Halloween (sometimes even before), people are encouraged to SPEND! If your kids don’t have 3 million gifts under the tree, you have Failed as a parent! You MUST buy gifts, even if you are unemployed, sick, in foreclosure, or just plain BROKE! You MUST buy gifts, even though the Planet is drowning in large plastic toys! (my house is, anyway! Looking at YOU, Grandma!) You must buy your wife that diamond, even though the damn thing is NOWHERE near as rare and expensive as the DeBeers Co. makes it out to be! (Don’t believe me? Try to sell it….)



And Folks wonder why the “youth” of today are greedy, narcissistic Assholes? I’ll tell ya why! Because every XMAS, parents bought more and more for the kiddies. Every XMAS season, they were bombarded with commercials and ads that say “gotta Have It”, “hottest Toy”, “if you don’t buy this you may possibly DIE”!! Every year had to be bigger and better. If parents tried to downsize the consumption, other people “felt bad for the kids”. Or the parents themselves would worry that Others would think something was Wrong financially. OH DEAR! Can’t let the neighbors think we can’t keep up!! So whip out those credit cards, because we want to pay for this XMAS for the next 5 years!!

AGAIN, I say BULLSHIT! That was 5 years ago, and some of you are still paying for that Xmas, and you now have to buy GROCERIES and GAS with those Cards!

The Holidays are for hanging out with the one’s you love! Eat, drink, and be Merry, Motherfukkers! Visit with relatives to remind yourselves why you love ‘em (or hate ‘em, all part of the Fun).

Many Folks are having Hard Times. It’s ridiculous to go into debt every XMAS! DON’T DO IT! DO NOT LET THE MEDIA AND CORPORATIONS PLAY YOU!!!! The kids do NOT need 20 thousand plastic toys under that fukking tree! All you are teaching them is if they “Want”, then they “Get”! How does that help them? The way our country is heading, these kids will be lucky if they have HALF of the “wealth” their parents do!! What they NEED are CLOTHES, and FOOD, and a home with heat and running water! And parents willing to make them WAIT for a few minor items! Parents who don’t hand them the Toys R Us catalogue and a PEN! They will NOT die if they only get one gift from “Santa”. They will be better off in the long run!! Many kids, right here in America, who do NOT have the most basic items. If you have the funds, definitely buy your kids some stuff! But buy them LESS, and give something for the kids who won’t even get DINNER !

We are Mass Consuming ourselves into the Apocalypse, Folks! Stop believing the Bullshit! XMAS has been hijacked! It’s not about little Baby J, anymore……it’s all about the GREED! The greed instilled in the kids (who then grow up to be greedy, consuming adults) , the greed seen when someone pushes Granny on Black Friday, and the greed of the corporate box stores who want even MORE of our money!

Wake up, People!!

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