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Still done

by on May.30, 2014, under Current

Yep still down, thanks Social media

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Social Media Killed the Old ways

by on Dec.31, 2012, under Current

Yeah I know I have not posted anything on this site in some time. I do have to say I was swept up in the flood of FB. Easier to get what you want out to whom you want to get it out to.
I am glad it is easier. Back when we created YSIW we did it all by hand, we knew who ran and owned the servers. I had one of the servers, I lost it in a move.
Funny how all the old YSIW info from the start is in a zip file on an external drive.
The net has grown exponentially. I really miss doing this. But its not an easy thing to do when the Social Media is on high.
An awesome learning experience.
A great site, great friends and a whole bunch of pissed off people.
We did good, we did damn good.

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Skyrim patch 1.2

by on Dec.04, 2011, under Current

The major problem myself and others have found with this new patch is that Magic Resistances have been completely done away with. Reading up on the Bethesda forums that seems to be the same thing for a good deal of people. I have Skyrim for the PC as does others I personally know. Being an staunch PC video game player I have always been one not to update to newer versions unless I have a problem or know for sure that the patch is needed.  Why is that you may ask? I’ve played more than a few games that have been ‘killed’ with a patch. Sometimes its as easy as just rolling back the applied patch or clearing out a cache on a console.

My current lvl is not that far above 30 and I do not think I am that bad of a player, I’ve been at this video game playing thing for a good deal of years. I recently ran into my resistance absentee issue, and yeah it sucks to get one shotted  by something you usually can take down with no issue. This problem in the patch really makes it harder, nos trike that, near impossible to play the game.
For an idea of what is wrong with resistances I urge you to check the following VID I found on YouTube. THIS IS NOT ME IN THE VID.

So Bethesda you patch to fix some frame rate and graphical problems have created issues. I tried to wait and see how the game would fair by just not getting it and waiting on friends to give it the OK before I dropped cash on the game. But after seeing reviews on G4 and reading more than a couple online I was sold. Was late so I got my copy via Steam. I jumped right into the game and silly me did not turn off the update game option within Steam.

Where am I getting my ass handed to me? Part of the Thieves Guild quest. Mercer and I are searching within a cave where someone not on good terms with the guild is known to be hiding at.

I have told others that Skyrim is the best game I have ever played. Guess its kinda like the first piece of tail I ever got, I said it was the best ever then learned that I should not have opened my mouth because there has been better. Giggity.

So Bethesda, please fix this problem!!!!

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Stupid use to be funny

by on Dec.02, 2011, under Current, politics

You know it’s time to log out of Face Book when it puts you in a mood.
There is a whole lot of stupid out there.
Stupid can not help but be stupid. It use to be funny watching stupid people flail around and be stupid, but after awhile it loses its mirth.
I asks myself often, “Are they that stupid?”


FB is basically the social media version of Maury Povich or Jerry Springfield. There is only so much you can watch.
We all should be thankful that we live in a country that allows stupid to flourish.
Stupid comes in all forms, I am sure I have been labeled stupid but that does not bother me. I will just smile nod and chuckle to myself.
The thing that is worse than stupid no longer tickling any funny inside of me is watching smart people being effected by stupid.

For example, do I feel sorry for the stupid that believes Michele Bachman is the answer to all or presidential problems? Not really, it just kinda disgusts me that there are stupid that can not really see stupid. Stupid clings to stupid?
I do not care for any of the Republicans at all, maybe Ron Paul but that is for other reasons.

I like Obama, I voted for him and I will do so again, if not him Jello Biafra. That may put me in a class of stupid in some peoples minds. I do not care much for stupid or bullys and that’s what has been keeping Obama from doing what he wants to for our country. Tea Party is a crock of shit.
The Super comity is stupid as shit.
Congress is as well.
The Tea Party, that’s a lot of stupid. When they protested it was the right thing. But now that they have their feet in the political machine most of the Tea folks see the Occupy crowd as doing something wrong.
I support the Occupy movement, and It use to make me laugh when I hear on the news that someone from a political standpoint says the Occupy movement is nothing but a bunch of hippies wanting to do nothing but smoke pot and cause crime.

Look back in our history, protesting has been a way the America has grown. From the original protesters against England for our own freedoms here.

It’s rarely that I want to just grab peoples heads and scream, “STUPID BE GONE!” And slap them on the back of the head and walk away hoping that some intelligence has popped back in.

I shake my head with a sigh, Stupid watching use to be entertaining, but not anymore.

Fuck you stupid people.

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by on Nov.07, 2011, under Current

Not a post here in some time. Suppose things have not really pissed em off that much. I mean they have but its just regurgitated crap from the news.
That and viral-ed on social media sites.
Cash, or the worry of said cash is what’s on my mind the most.
I recently had some tests done at the Hospital which found nothing bad, so that’s good. But the worry on how much of the bill my insurance will cover is what is the weight on my mind.
I can only imagine the fear of not having a way of paying for my meds, I’d go nuts. Well even more nuts.

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Republicans, or Dumb, Dumber, and Bush #3

by on Sep.05, 2011, under Current, politics

How much do I have to write about this group of carny folk. I apologize to all the carny folk out there for comparing them with the Republicans. It’s just the crazy barking that they keep spouting out.
It grinds on me when I hear the stupid remarks that they ‘slip up’ on. It will be a very very sad day if any of the top possible candidates win.
Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and Perry. <– Dumb Dumber and Bush #3
I know I am not the only one who doesn’t care for those three. Can you imagine other countries and how they will react or think of us if such a dolt or moron is our president? Yeah I know some will say Obama is just that. I disagree, I like our president. It sucks that Congress won’t stop their party only wins attitude. And yes sucks that he has to handle the shit Bush left him.

Our country will no longer be number one, if we are still even that.

Sorta guess I’m glad I live 30 minutes away from Canada. Friends, family and health issues is what keeps me here.

Fuck our government and their stupid infighting. We are suffering now because of your bullshit.


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Christine O’Donnell

by on Aug.21, 2011, under Current

While I’m not a huge fan of Piers Morgan (I think he needs to STFU & stop interrupting guests), this was worth it. To me, clear proof that Christine O’Donnell can’t think for herself one bit (her actions or her opinions) & is obviously a puppet. She should probably stick to witchcraft as she’s going to get further burned on the political stake if she keeps at it.

~Got this from Misses By Hate.

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What if….

by on Jul.20, 2011, under Current, Now!, politics

…Social Sec and medicare are pulled. How many people are not going to be able to pay for their medical insurance and prescriptions. Other bills may also be hard for people to pay for, so in a sense not just the individual person is suffering but the companies that prey on the sick and elderly for payments.
Yeah sorta stepped in a tangent.
Families are going to be hurt and suffer while the rich and Republican big wigs sit back.

Not only are the reps holding our country hostage in spite of a Dem president. They should fucking work with the president. Yeah maybe they want to make it so the president is the bad guy, unable to run and help our country and the people within.
Fuck you Republicans. Deal with it and help us. I don’t think I can trust a Republican ever again. Shit I can’t remember one I did. Look at our current line up for a possible president. They are all jokes.
Again Fuck them.

Support our President!!!!!!


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Slow on postings

by on Jul.16, 2011, under Current

Sorry folks, a slow down on YSIW has hit. I blame the heat..yeah that’s the ticket.

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Nuff said

by on Jun.27, 2011, under Current

Yep she meant the Duke.

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