Fuck You...

So as talked about this is the page where we all let weak fucks know what we think, that we think they are #1. Fuck that...we are telling them FUCK YOU. So send Me A pic or link of you telling it how it is.

Fat Me, Grimm in 2001 at a con.
Fuck You
BB_Brubek, A kick ass reader.
Fuck You!
MunkyGirl!, My Bitch ass Homie.
Our Mascot, Little Gordo!!

Greg, kick ass guy at work
Fuck You
Sho 'Nuff, The Meanest Baddest Low down Mother Fucka
Whos Da Mastah?
Corruptor, a bad ass fucker. Our Canadian Giant. Eh
Fuck You, Eh.
Me In my tourist gear and Secret Asian Man on a coaster
How Bout Now?
Lexus, a steady reader of our page
No..FUCK you.
Kitte, a real fucking cutie.
Fuck Me?
And Another..

Jason, cool as MR. MoFo at work, has the cube behind mine.
Thats MR. Fuck You
Darth Moo, Goofy Ass Mother Fucker.
Fuck HUGH!